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Welcome to Angel Spiritual Connections with Maureen Inc.!!!  I am an intuitive light worker and offer psychic readings and energy healing sessions in the beautiful valley at Cocoon Day Spa, 380 Broadway Street East, Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I am so pleased to be offering the most uplifting holistic wellness services to provide you with personal and spiritual growth, higher awareness, happiness, and well-being.  I have been offering these services since 2006.

As the sole owner and founder of Angel Spiritual Connections with Maureen Inc., my vision is to create a world filled with love, joy and passion.  I am here to help you awaken your spiritual gifts and to provide you with the guidance to assist in stepping into your own personal power of being a loving spiritual being.  I offer a wide variety of holistic wellness services to inspire your Spiritual journey through workshops, courses, readings and energy healing sessions.

All of the sessions are guided by Universal healing energy with the goal of boosting your energy so that you feel centred and balanced.  By being balanced in life, you will be able to make better choices in your career, health, relationships, finances and other life decisions.   A higher energy attainment helps you with better sleeps, mental clarity and healthy lifestyle to name just a few benefits of why you may want to try a holistic wellness session.  So let’s work together in awakening and discovering your natural state of well-being, the universe needs more of you!!!!

For those of you wanting to connect by distant sessions, I am available either by Skype, FaceTime or phone.  We are all connected with the unique tapestry of the Universe which makes it possible for me to connect with your energy either in person or at a distant.  I do offer email Angel readings as well which have become very poplar with clients wanting to have something in writing to guide them in life.  You may also want to try a 1 hour combo session where you can combine a reading with an energy healing service.  If you are unsure of what to choose, just ask and I will be more than happy to ask for guidance in channelling the right service just for you.  Namaste!!!

Maureen is excited to announce that she was involved in a podcast by the producer, Sheri Myers for the upcoming “The Glitch Movie”, which will be filmed in Cajun Country, Louisiana in the near future and is a film about finding our Angels.


Interview topics:

  • The angelic interventions that changed Maureen’s life.
  • How Maureen developed her intuitive gifts.
  • What is Theta Healing?
  • How Maureen stays tuned in to Angel energy.
  • Why are people afraid of Angels?
  • How to encourage children with intuitive gifts.
  • Some messages from the Angels.