My happiest times in life are when I am able to…..

hold space for clients by allowing them to step into their power to bring personal and spiritual growth, higher awareness, and well-being.  Bringing joy, ease and grace into our life is all about opening up to the possibilities available to us, they are all within our reach, the Universe wants to give them to us, however, we may need a little guidance to become more aware of these offerings.

So what do I do in a session?  I use my intuition to read your energy.  Every session involves activating your own natural healing ability by using the holistic healing modalities I have learned over the years plus being guided by my natural intuitive gifts to bring you to a state of deep relaxation.  Your body, mind and spirit are more open to receive once you let go of the barriers holding your back. You will walk away from the session with a new outlook in life and feel rejuvenated.  I have worked with clients suffering from emotional trauma such as severe depression, anxiety, stress, negative emotions and feelings, fears, low self-esteem and self-worth, limiting beliefs, etc.  I have also assisted clients with physical healings such as ability to regain mobility, sleep disorder, pains in back, neck and shoulders, headaches, eating disorders to name just a few ailments.  If you come to a session with an open mind, you will be pleasantly pleased with the results from just one energy healing session! I was able to let go of whiplash and a concussion with just a 20 minute Access Consciousness bars session.   I was open to receive and the Universe provided what I required at that moment. I love how my Spirit team is guiding and supporting everything that I do.

As the sole owner and founder of Angel Spiritual Connections with Maureen Inc., all services are to bring you opportunities to inspire your physical healing, personal growth and deepen your Spiritual journey through readings, energy healings and classes.  All sessions tap into the Universal healing energy with the goal of boosting your energy so you have a sense of being centered and balanced.  By being balanced in life, you will be able to make better choices in your career, health, relationships, finances and other areas in your life.   A higher energy attainment helps you with better sleeps, mental clarity and healthy lifestyle to name just a few benefits of why you may want to try a holistic wellness session.  So let’s work together in awakening and discovering your natural state of well-being, the universe needs more of you!!!!   In person sessions are available in the beautiful Qu'Appelle valley at Cocoon Day Spa, 380 Broadway Street East, Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Distant sessions offer a great way for you to relax in your own home and are conducted similar to an in person session.  Remote sessions are offered by phone, skype, facetime or email. It is time to book a session or take part in the many classes I offer, you will love the experience, Namaste!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   Maureen is excited to announce the creation of a podcast by the producer, Sheri Myers for the upcoming “The Glitch Movie”, which will be filmed in Cajun Country, Louisiana in the near future.  It is a film about how to connect with the Angels.  You can join the facebook group at "How to Connect to the Angels" to get updates on interviews and meditations.  Maureen has co-created "Being Present with Angels" meditation, check it out below.

Interview topics:

  • The angelic interventions that changed Maureen’s life.
  • How Maureen developed her intuitive gifts.
  • What is Theta Healing?
  • How Maureen stays tuned in to Angel energy.
  • Why are people afraid of Angels?
  • How to encourage children with intuitive gifts.
  • Some messages from the Angels.

Being Present With The Angels Meditation