I had an issue that came up suddenly, that was very stressful to deal with.  Maureen was able to give me steps to take to ask the Divine, and gave me a name of a specific ArchAngel to ask for help.  She was shown immediately that it would be resolved.   During and after a meditation where I followed her suggestions, I felt the problem being lifted and taken away.  Indeed it was removed, as Maureen then confirmed it was. The evidence appeared in physical form shortly afterwards.  I want everyone to know how pure a channel Maureen is.  The angels work with her to help others. Call upon her if you have a need for peace or harmony in your life.  Even her written words of what she channels are full of light and very positive.  I can absolutely feel that her channeling is pure, as I myself do intuitive/animal communication/Reiki. Maureen is a ‘healer’s healer!’

Wendy Zeigler-Petaluma, CA

It was amazing.  I was so overcome with emotion during the first meditation.  I truly felt my Angels

Carmen Manastyrski-Goebel, Saskatchewan

Wow!  I love your gift of connecting with beautiful Spirit Guides!  I always appreciate your Divine guidance and gentle Spirit.  Thank you!

Jan-Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan

Thank you Angel Spirit for your message today.  The way you are able to help people with your gift is amazing and heaven sent.  Your kind words and advice are wonderful and inspiring.  Thank you again, sending love, light and blessings to you.

Nicki-London, United Kingdom

It was pretty cool alright, that second meditation.  I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight to talk to them and see if they can help me out.

Winnie-Malbeauf, Saskatchewan

Here is what CJ Dukett had to say about here Intuitive Soul Mentoring session, “I recently “won” an intuitive soul mentoring session with Maureen Bandas, I had my session last night and it was absolutely spot on! It was amazing when my life purpose card was “teacher”. The angels also shared I am a giver but i must always be in balance otherwise I may feel drained. This happed to me recently. Jobwise i will be fine, people will be willing to help me, I feel good when i help others and I will be mentoring children! The angels shared with me so many messages that either answered questions or validated information. My one hour session was fabulous! We are strongly connected to our angels who are always willing to help we just have to ask! And always send love and light, feel it in your heart and release that energy in your heart. Thank Creator always! I am grateful for the words of support and for Maureen, shes quite the angel! I know im on the right path and to continue to be me and i will continue changing lives with my caring and loving heart! Aho!”

CJ Dukett