Have you ever wondered with it would feel like to connect to your team? Are you seeing or sensing the Angelic Realm? Are you wanting to know your Dharma or purpose in life? If so, you will want to join Maureen Bandas, Angel Spiritual Connections, in this 30 minute introductory webinar where you will meet your team. In this webinar, you will do a few exercises to connect and go within to release any soul contracts you may have in your subconscious mind that are no longer serving your highest and best good. Learning to trust your inner wisdom is the first step in unraveling the reason why you choose to come back to the earth realm. We all have a purpose and our team, being our Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels and Spirit Animals are all available to guide us with all aspects of our life. You will be enlightened as Maureen helps you immediately to tap into your intuition or GPS, guiding personal system, opening up your heart and third eye to give you messages from your team. Join us and experience theĀ Universe wisdom of Spirit.


Angel therapy intuitive readings are a non-denominational spiritual healing session working with your Guardian Angels to help you receive Divine guidance. Angel messages are provided to assist you in dealing with every aspect of your daily life. Angel card readings are intended to bring back the balance you need to better understand your health, finances, career or relationships. We all have inner strength and wisdom we can all call upon to give us the answers we need to hear.


Opening up and being our authentic selves is the main message in 2016. We are to move forward fearlessly. Fortune is on our side so believe you have the power within to create the life you want to live. Let your inner child have some fun in 2016 and know that you can call upon Archangel Michael to protect and give you guidance in your life purpose. You have the confidence within, it is an amazing energy to be in. Anytime you are feeling fear, change your fear into love energy. Although we may not understand why our loved ones leave us, just know everything happens for a reason. You are to speak up and say what you have been wanting to say with love. Do not give up, have courage and believe in yourself. You will feel like everything is going along nicely in the fall of 2016 however in November you may need to seek out some positive energy through praying to release any fear, worry, stress or anxiety you are feeling. Remember to be honest with yourself, you truly do create your own reality. Angel Blessings


Hello everyone, Happy 2014!!! The moment I woke up today, the Angels kept guiding me to do this annual Angel Card reading. The main messages were to let things go and go with what feels right in your heart, how fitting. Once we do some internal soul searching and making an action plan for the first part of 2014, by September we will be putting the past in the past by letting things go to the light and finally living in the moment. I pray we can all find the compassion in our hearts to love ourselves, others, animals and mother nature. This reading is powerful and it will give you the guidance you need to make this year AMAZING!!!!